AWTCA Constitution

AWTCA Constitution

The Federation comprised of:
  • President
  • Founder Hon’y Secretary General
  • One Hon’y Joint Secretary
  • One Hon’y Treasurer
  • 5 CEOs ( One from each zone for 1 Year) *
  • 5 Vice Presidents (One from each zone for 1 Year) *
  • Full Members
  • Associate Members
The first Governing body Council i.e General Counsel of the All India Women Twenty20 Cricket Association (AWTCA) Affiliated With : Indian Twenty20 Cricket Federation ITCF India, as under:
  • Vasudha Arora President/MD
  • Ms. Shilpa Rana Sr.Vice President/PRO
  • Mrs.Malathi Moorthy Vice President/CO
  • Dr. Sudha Bhushan Shukla Vice President
  • Dr. Vibha Vashisht General Secretary/CEO
  • S. Ms.Varsha Treasurer/LO
  • Mrs.Sunita Sonare Joint Secretary/AO
  • Mrs. E Uma Joint Secretary
  • Ms.Nirmala Mudaliar Member
  • Mrs. Vibha Sharma Member
  • Mrs. Geeta Sharma Member


Shri Jawahar Lal

President, ITCF-INDIA


Mr. Girish Pal

Working President, ITCF-INDIA


Shri Piyush Rana

Founder Hon’y Secretary General, ITCF-INDIA


Vasudha Rana

President, AWTCA